President's Report 2017 / 2018

Junior President’s Report – Eugene Simpson.

It is with pleasure that I once again report on the activities of our junior club, this for season 2017/18.

Well what a year that was. Highlights included:

·       Winning the Under 14A competition.

·      The inaugural Magpie Academy.

·       LOJCC player numbers increasing whilst CCCA wide numbers declined by as much a 10%.

·       Partial introduction of the new Junior Pathways.

·       Life Membership of LOJCC awarded to Neal Cunningham.

·      Another successful presentation night at the Ourimbah RSL.

First let me congratulate our hard-working Committee on a first-rate job in a very difficult year that saw increased workloads heaped on Cricket volunteers with many extra “initiatives” from CA and NSW Government including Working With Children’s Check, The Active Kids Program, Girls Cricket programs, T20 Blast, and a greatly expanded reliance on President/Secretary/Treasurer Meetings by CCCA. Each of these great ideas placed an enormous strain on your Committee and I can report the efforts of Secretary David Winiata, Veteran Treasurer Simon Bauer and Recorder Neal Cunningham saw them managed with aplomb, meeting all of our club’s administrative obligations with professional ease. I mention these initiatives as the workload that we face now is many times heavier than say just 2 years ago. I worry where it will end and, if not end, then when it will break. In speaking with other sports this is experienced across the board and in a climate where there are less volunteer hours to commit to the tasks at hand. Our club has been very fortunate in that we have the support of all of our coaches and they collectively and individually assist with all club endeavours. They attend meetings and contribute in a positive and harmonious way with little fuss and a forthright can-do attitude. The care for their charges is on display at each meeting where no decision is taken without due consideration of the impact on each and every of their teams’ players. The effect on each individual player is considered, anticipated and minimalised or eliminated. Like an ice berg where 90% of the ice is hidden below the surface, our parent body only witnesses a small portion of the effort and time contributed by our coaches, scorers and managers. So, a big thank you to them. In documenting this I am certain that everyone in this room has been, at some stage, a major contributor to the club’s success, one way or another. All I can hope is that we can maintain that momentum.

The Magpie Academy finally took off and immediately soared like an eagle due to the efforts of Darren Bates, Scott Dunn, Brent Dufty, Anthony Hughes and helpers. No other club can boast this higher level of training and the 20 selected players all benefitted from the academy, culminating in a dinner at Ourimbah RSL. The success of the Academy was ratified with the Under 16A’s making the finals and the 16B’s just missing out in 2 very competitive competitions. With the 14A’s winning what is perhaps the most competitive of all age groups it shows that the club is heading in the right direction. Well done to all involved. On behalf of the players and parents I thank you to everyone and, as I am certain that I have missed someone, please take this as a blanket thank you. Already the Academy Ver. 2.0 is being shaped with the finishing touches being formulated for the program. Darren Bates is assembling his team and it is coming together nicely.

I must give special mention of Secretary Dave Winiata who has been an absolute rock. He has fulfilled his duties diligently as Secretary, Coach, Club Major Sponsor, gear steward, clothing manager, and general Go-to man. He has always been there in all club endeavours. He has an insatiable passion for this club and backs this with actions. His workload is enormous. Nothing is too much trouble and he never leaves anything even remotely not quite finished.

Sohier Park is the best ground for cricket on Saturdays with the oval absolutely buzzing. The centrepiece is the canteen where our canteen ladies led by Lorna, Mazz, Meghan and Bev have excelled once more. Sohier rocks and they are the music. Thank you to them and any others that I have omitted.

We are very fortunate to enjoy a terrific working relationship with our senior club. Senior President Darren Bates and his team have been very supportive of our efforts and always work as one with our junior club. Indeed, I think just about all of our 3 most senior junior teams played in the senior ranks this season and were welcomed and treated with respect and equality. This is the perfect environment for junior players in transitioning to men’s cricket and we look forward to continuing in the same vein for many years to come.

Our Milos squad was very lucky to have the attention of Brendan Ward and Brendan O’Rourke to run their program. The 2 B’s ensured that the needs of the Milos were always met end they enjoyed their introduction to our game. Well done and a big thank you to them.

Once more our Annual Christmas party was a huge community gathering and unqualified success. Let me please take the opportunity to place on public record our gratitude to Beth and Neil Bolte for their continued support over the past 17 years by supplying the helicopter transport for Santa, gratis, and willingly. This is the only forum that I can publicly acknowledge their generosity and efforts. Hopefully someone here will be able to convey our thanks to them. They are simply wonderful members of the Ourimbah community and personify the Magpie Spirit. We are fortunate to have them as part of our community.

Anthony Hughes also coordinated the successful Bunnings Barbecue fundraiser. The funds raised enabled us to finance in part the Academy and also our ill-fated new second-hand bowling machine. I mention this machine in order to explain that we purchased it from Terrigal Matcham CC with a view to expanding our coaching this season. However, in a disaster for us the machine was stolen from the container at Sohier Park and has not been sighted since, without firing a ball in any form. We have no control over these things and I suppose the positive is that this is the first time we have been afflicted in this way. Evil is not supposed to triumph over good but we also don’t know how life has dealt with the thieves. We can only hope.

Finally, I must thank and congratulate our players. All of our teams represented the club brilliantly all season and brought great credit to our club. Congratulations to our individual award winners at our presentation evening. Also, congratulations also to those who did not win awards, as it was their performances that made our winners so exceptional. Also, we are proud of the efforts of our band of players that represented Central Coast Cricket in higher competitions. They have brought great honour to our club and ensured that the Magpies are at the core of Central Coast Cricket.

And so on to the coming 2018/19 season. Already changes are afoot. Milos are gone and we are now rebadged as Junior Blasters and Master Blasters with The Fresh Food People as sponsors. New names, and new directions. CCCA has indicated that competitions will revert back to single year age groups. Like a walk back in time. An elite Under 16 Competition is mooted on turf for Friday nights.

There is no doubt that we will be subject to more demands from our masters in Mission Control (Read CA). Whatever but as usual I am certain that the Magpies will be first and best respondents as usual.


At your service, your President,

Eugene Simpson.