Club Christmas Party Thanks
Date of Event : Sun Jan 6, 2019 8:53PM
Club Christmas Party Thanks

A Big Thanks To Everyone

  • Special thanks to all the tireless workers:

Barbecue: Simon Bauer, David Ward, Peter Gaynor, Dave Sohier

Barbecue sales: Darrelyn Ward, Carol Gaynor, Michelle Gaynor, Mazz

Canteen: Lorna Simpson, Meghan Simpson, Mazz, Jade Burkinshaw

Santa: Mick (Portable Luxury Toilets), Leah Ball, Tasha Ball.

Pilot and benefactor: Neil and Beth Bolte

Chapmans Quality Fruits – Rodney, Zara and Kirra. Thanks for the wonderful fruit trays for the raffle and the onions and the continual support and cheer that you bring to our club. Wonderful family of wonderful people.

Raffle: Elliot Marshall, Luke Parker, Alisha Bates, Nicholas Shearman.

Clean Up: Brendan Simpson (on the night and next day), Warren Davidson, Max Lawther, Mazz

Entertainment: Special thanks to Cathy V. and Vesty? for the polished performance of the 9 song set that was a huge hit.

Mini-Jeeps for the kids (gratis) – Special thanks also to Mark and Michelle Yeo for the free provision of the Mini-Jeeps attraction, and for the donation of their time at this time of year.

Thank you to all of the above. I know that there were others who chipped in throughout the night as necessary and so a big thanks also to them. This was a great team effort once more. Each year I am left speechless and this was no exception. Euge.

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